2001 s i n g l e c e l l

J A N . golan levin (US)
F E B . danny brown (UK)
M A R . peter cho (US)
A P R . james tindall (UK)
M A Y . marius watz (NO)
J U N . joshua davis (US)
J U L . martin wattenberg (US)
A U G . arola & salminen (FI)
S E P . steve cannon (US)
O C T . casey reas (US)
N O V . lia (AT)
D E C . ed burton (UK)

humankind's recent discovery of the World Wide Web has entailed a concomitant investigation of its fauna, and the birth of a new field, online zoology. SINGLECELL is a monthly bestiary of these newfound species: a collection of online life-forms discovered and reared by a diverse group of computational artists and designers. see also doublecell. more information:

copyrights in the works of art compiled herein reside with the individual artists. The works may not be copied, published or distributed without the artist's permission.

zookeeper at singlecell dot org