H O N E Y . b y . j a r e d . s c h i f f m a n
Honey by Jared Schiffman

the gateway interface for doublecell had its genesis in 1999 as a design study entitled honey. the name referred to the piece's organic feel and its originally slothful pace on computers of that era, one could hardly detect that the forms were moving. the motivation for the original design was to create a new kind of primitive shape for computational designers. unlike a static circle, square, or triangle, this shape could be aware of its neighbors and respond to its environment. a designer might incorporate these organic shapes into a design, with the understanding that if the surrounding elements changed, the shapes would adapt. for better or worse, however, these shapes have not yet escaped the petri dish they call home.

an installation version of honey has been shown at the american museum of the moving image, the sega joypolis center, and at the cooper union school of art. in august of 2002, jared schiffman ported the original design from c++ and opengl to the java interface used here. several optimizations were made and the design was reconditioned for its new purpose.

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